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Bath Spa University Theatre, April 2022

I designed, mixed and operated sound and music for the show, as well as being Deputy Stage Manager for the first time!

(A full recording of the show + all sound/QLab assets are available to view on my Private page - please contact me for password access.)

Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 18.23.59.png
Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 17.45.20.png

Measure for Measure

Robinson Theatre, January 2020

Providing music and sound design played live on stage with Ableton Live, I also participated as both an actor and a musician in the play, improvising on trumpet alongside Lizzy Nightingale and Leo Kitay.

Lizzy's Instagram

Leo's SoundCloud

Full recording of the performance available below!

Photo Credit: Phyllida Hickish, 2020

Measure For Measure

Measure For Measure

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Off The Ground

Rose Bruford College, August 2019

As part of the National Youth Theatre's backstage sound course, I worked alongside another student to create music and sound for a devised performance, which was created and then performed over the course of two weeks. I then worked as the sound operator during the performance itself.

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